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    Isart Navarro Farell

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    26 May 1989

    Barcelona, Spain

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  • April 2019 - August 2019

    SQLI (for Nespresso)

    ProdOps Engineer near Barcelona, SP

    Working as part of the new eServices team at Nespresso, located in Barcelona (4 members).

    Team L3 responsible of production servers and deployments. Meaning, the most analytic & critical environment in Nespresso.

    Our job was between Developers, DevOps and Production, trying to find the simpler and safest way to implement the deployments and automations without impact.

    Using IaS with Puppet and Jenkins.

    GitOps with Puppet
    VMware ESXi +1.000 VMs RHEL
    ELK + TIG
  • June 2016 - April 2019

    Pacifico Meetings (Grupo Pacifico)

    IT Systems & Network Administrator Barcelona, SP

    Company with 5 sites in Spain and +170 employees that organize events and congresses. A programming team of +10 people and 5 IT Sys/Support members.

    SysAdmin & unique Network manager*. Working together with the programming team utilizing technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Git, GitLab CI, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TeamCity...

    Focused to create/maintain/upgrade/monitor different servers and services types of the whole company, mostly WS2003 to 2016 and RHEL Based Centos7. Exploiting 2 ESXi clusters with 3 servers/each and 2 NetApp ONTAP storages among others.

    Switching & Routing with Cisco, Huawei, Avaya, Sonicwall systems over SSLVPN, VPNIP, MPLS, DataInternet lines. Completely new Internal/DMZ segmented zoneS and focused in security IDS, IPS, PCI compilance, code testing, web analising.

    Implemented a Colocation project over 2 datacenters (BCN/MAD) in HA over a private L2 link, DMVPN for the company sites and a whole BGP with a full AS for DataInternet services.

    Most frequent services used: AD DS/DNS/DHCP/NTP/WSUS, TerminalServer, DFSR/BranchCache, Postfix/Dovecot, IIS, NodeJS, Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, MySQL, MS SQL, Elasticsearch, Redis...

    Full Backup and Replication systems with NetApp Snapshots/SnapMirror/SnapVault and Veeam.

    Migrated majority of our systems to Docker Swarm and studying Kubernetes.

    Personal Paper

    Migrated almost all services to Docker Swarm
    Implemented Gitlab-CI over Docker
    VMware ESXi +90 VMs 2 Clusters
    Full HA Colocation project over 2 Datacenters
    Performing as a Sys & Network Manager since August 2016
    +15 IT Members - 5 Company sites
    VoIP Project implementation
    much more...
  • June 2015 - June 2016

    IndustrialeSud SPA E.P.E.

    Spain IT Manager near Barcelona, SP

    Italian Company with 8 branches (Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland) that develops, designs, manufactures and distributes automotive interior for the best car makers in the world.

    Recruited as a IT Systems & Network Administrator and since Dicember 2015 working as a IT leader for the Spanish branch.

    Doing deparment administrative tasks like; anual budget, stock management, documentation, KPI, licenses, project planing...

    Some of important projects done/planed; vitualize all physical infrastructure with ESXi + EMC, ERP software study across all company departments, migration to new GeneralMotors (SEAT) FIS-JIT system (EDI/DELFOR/VFA4905).

    Unique Network and Systems Administrator for +120 workers site. Using services like AD, IIS, Exchange 2007, MS SQL 2007... over ~10 2008-12r2 and Ubuntu servers with EMC and QNAP storages.

    Spain IT Manager
    VMware ESX Project
    ERP Project study
    Big Data Center changes
  • December 2014 - May 2015

    DOGA, S.A.

    IT Support Specialist near Barcelona, SP

    One of the ~10 IT members in the DOGA headquarters at Spain.

    Full support to +5 countries
  • December 2013 - August 2014

    Animals Gaming S.L. Valencia, SP

    Co-Founder & Project Leader

    Project Leader
    NodeJs + AngularJs
  • October 2013 - April 2014

    SoftTeam Systems, S.L. near Barcelona, SP

    IT Systems & Network Administrator

    Main client +5 Hospitals near Barcelona
    Done all needed IT work for our clients
  • November 2010 - May 2013

    LIDL Supermercados, S.A. near Barcelona, SP

    IT Systems & Network Administrator

    Learned all business basics
  • Others

    Other IT related jobs like; hardware shop, HQ migration processes, self employed doing +15 webpages, IRC Sripts, Web Bots...

    Owner of +10 webpages; SEO based, insights, AD services...

  • Education & certifcations
  • 2019

    LPIC–OT: DevOps Tools Engineer (80 hours)

    PUE, Barcelona, SP

    Course info

  • 2016

    FP 2

    IOC distance learning, Barcelona, SP

    Network Information Systems Administrator.

  • September 2009 - May 2011

    FP 1

    CS Jaume Viladoms near Barcelona, SP

    Microcomputer Systems and Networks. Finished with an average course grade of 8,12 pt as a best pupil.

  • Late 2011

    CatSkills 2011 IT Support and Networking

    At 1st year of my FP 1 I got invited to participate in a competition called CatSkills (World Skills) finished on a decent 3rd position.

  • June 2012

    Linux basic functions and administration (60 hours)

  • June 2011

    CISCO IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software

  • June 2011


  • Others

  • SOME Professional skills
  • IT Department administration75%

    Project study, Backups, Inventory, Monitoring (Netdata, ELK, TIG, PG...) , Licensing, Budget, KPI, BI...

  • Containerization 90%

    Docker Swarm, Kubernetes

  • IaS, CI/CD 75%

    Puppet , Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant, GIT, GitLab-CI , TeamCity, Jenkins , Azure DevOps

  • Systems administration85%

    Servers (HP Proliant, Dell Poweredge), NAS-SAN (NetApp ONTAP/EMC VNX(e)/HP/QNAP) with different protocols (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FC ) and with its different RAID systems mostly used (1, 5, 6, HotSpares, RaidDP)

  • Network administration70%

    Akamai, Network Switching (Avaya, Dell, Huawei, Cisco - VLANS, LACP, STree...) & Routing (Fortinet, Sonicwall - Firewall rules, failovers, NAT, VPN, BWM), good knownledge of different Network types and protocols (FTTH, (DM/SSL)VPN, MPLS, DataInternet, iBGP)

  • Virtualization services85%

    VMware ESXi , vHorizon

  • Most commonly used Windows Services85%

    AD DS2003+, DNS, DHCP, IIS6+, FS, DFS, PSpooler, TerminalS, MSExchange, Office365, WSFL

  • Most commonly used Linux Services80%

    LDAP, BIND9, DHCP, Apache/Tomcat, (S)FTP, SMB, Postfix(sendmail, dovecot), HA-Proxy, Nginx, DRBD...

  • Security oriented60%

    Really interested in security systems like Suricata, Ossec or others IDSs, IPSs and PCI compilance systems. Knowledge of pentesting and its techniques.

  • Databases70%

    MS SQL, MySQL , Redis, Elasticsearch

  • VoiceIP70%

    Nortel, Avaya, Huawei

  • Javascript based programing85%

    AngularJS, Angular , NodeJS , WebSockets

And a bunch more, but learning every day!

  • Portfolio - Personal Projects
  • anyOpsOS https://github.com/anyOpsOS/anyOpsOS

    Web based operating system for SysOps, DevOps, NetOps, SecOps... Monitor, manage, configure, backup & recovery your virtual and physical infrastructure.

    The goal is to provide a single platform where you can find a mix of perfectly integrated tools (1+1 = 3) that you use as daily basis.

    Integration with VMWare, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, NetApp Storage...

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    Barcelona - Spain


    Please email me or contact using LinkedIn



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